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Empower Retirement is a retirement plan recordkeeping company based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. It is the second-largest retirement plan provider in the US.

George mentioned, "Our experience is different than most. The Empower agent assigned the City of Tallahassee 401k plan set up a meeting with my wife and I, she is the retiree. The Empower agent showed up and held a 30 minute call with us without even looking at the account, explaining all of the features of an Empower managed account. Then towards the end of the conversation when pressed with a question about performance by Empower management, he realized the account had been self directed for more than 15 years and that nothing he had told us had anything to do with our account. We asked for some information on the management by Empower which he said he would provide in the form of a brochure he would provide in a follow up email. That never happened and we followed up with our own email as a reminder to him. That too went unanswered and only when we explained to him that he was fired, and we wanted the name and number to the person that would replace him he replied in shock about how he had mistakenly marked our questions as resolved and would have never replied to us unless we had fired him. Now more than a month later, after contacting the City of Tallahassee Treasurer Clerks office, who employs empower were we able to gain access to the website and the account records. This morning we learned the account balance the empower agent for the city of Tallahassee had stated are inflated by nearly 60% and the monthly payout for the retiree the empower agent stated is inflated by 250%. It seems nothing this person told us had anything to do with the account. If nothing else the agent for Empower and the City of Tallahassee is at a minimum unsettling to the retiree's and would certainly be worse for them and others if the account balances are in fact as erroneous as they appear on the morning of September 27 2020."


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Former Employee - Creative Director says

"Despite transparency being a core value, leadership is secretive and staffing decisions come as complete surprises to most employees. In addition, leadership understands media but has no idea how to sell creative work."

Former Employee - Specialist says

"Preferential treatment of teams/employees which causes a toxic environment. Narcissistic Leadership. Lack of direction. High turnover. Employees asked to keep promotions silent. Zero formal training. Cliques. Talking down to people who have found themselves in the wrong role. When people decide to leave or mention they are thinking of leaving, they are talked about as traitors. Asking staff to write positive reviews online to cover up the toxicity. Sneaky leadership. Lack of transparency which ironically is a core value. Lack of work/life balance. Zero formal training."

Former Employee - Client Services says

"Overwork people, obnoxious new management team, mediocre work / no training, poor salaries, no bonus"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They have never figured out how to stabilize business without layoffs. Management has a strong culture of favoritism and complex office politics. Policies are not enforced uniformly across the agency."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lack of company direction, uneven treatment of employees"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Work pressure will be more"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"less pay compared to work u do"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company rotates on management, employees, and strategy all the time Throughout working there, I had several boss changes that made my direction very difficult. The company doesn't know what it's priorities are as they change week to week. You are almost never able to focus on any work assignments. They require you to work on the weekends or you will be in trouble and possibly written up if you say no to weekend work. No job is worth this still much stress. asked top"

Retirement Representative (Current Employee) says

"I can't speak for all locations, but Andover, in particular, is the absolute worst. The management is awful and they pick favorites. If you aren't a favorite you will get nick-picked for anything and everything. Micromanagement at all times. Upper management is also terrible and not personable. You will just be a number in this company, and if you aren't a favorite don't expect to move up. Management will bully and belittle you, and HR will always side with them. On the phones all the time with very little downtime. Health insurance is absolutely terrible, and trust me, you'll need good health insurance because the stress from this job will kill you. Pay is good, but not worth suffering in this place. Just please, stay away.Expensive cafeteria food, terrible management, no morale"

Retirement Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Before working here, I was told opportunities for professional development and better hours. Upon accepting the job, most of these statements were untrue.NoneHours, compensation, interdepartmental communication"

Client Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared for mandatory overtime as they can’t keep proper staffing due to turnover, and they even try to encourage you not to take your lunch by pushing pizza or unlimited earning potential with as much OT as you could want. My manager even phoned me at 9:30pm asking me to do overtime next day. I was even given the choice to choose whether I wanted MLK day or President’s Day off. Whichever I took off, I would need to work the other. Both are paid company holidays. Completely unprofessional. For awhile we were even told we had to clear being able to take our prescheduled lunches we had been doing all along with managers, and would receive flak if we took lunch without notice. Call volumes are unnecessarily high because they refuse to fix simple issues that could lessen them, such as fixing their terrible client websites. Volumes are also due to other departments and associates dumping clients on you left and right if they utter a word that involves your department…whether it’s what the client wanted or not. Internal systems needed to do the job or help clients fail daily, sometimes multiple times daily, and no one understands how to properly fix them. We would have in excess of 60 calls holding at certain times. You are rewarded or reprimanded based on your availability time, regardless of just how many calls you take. Do not expect any form career advancement. During my tenure not ONCE where my future prospects or ways to move up in the company discussed. I was not even given the opportunity to a shift change, regardless of what the reason was.Decent benefits, work from homeInept management, systems, Mandatory OT"

Financial Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Upper management set goals that were not aligned with what the client wanted and expected. When the team delivered on the client goals, we all got negative reviews for not meeting the company expectations. There is minimal training and poor support at the home office. I had an end user question and the home office liaison suggested a solution that would have been a complete breach of end user security."

Retirement Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Management was kind of lost with the new DOL laws. It started off great when we were focused on rollovers but that changed to giving free advice using an excel tool, and frankly it was mind numbingly robotic."

Retirement Representative (Former Employee) says

"Their benefits cost too much, like $200 a month. You have to walk a mile in the cold to get to work. They force you to work 8 to 5 to study, when the program is designed for independent study. They don't care about you. I can't stress this enough. If you have anything going on in your personal life, they will not work with you. At all. I wouldn't recommend it. Hourly salary is good but its not worth it.Hourly salaryUncaring management"

Customer Service Professional (Current Employee) says

"Your time at Empower will be spent primarily making your managers look good. Asking questions is frowned upon, and work life balance is an absolute lie. After 2 years, Empower still refuses to allow shift changes, shift bids, anything. If you're unlucky enough to work here, look for another place ASAP. Management has no clue what they're doing."

Retirement Plan Representative / Financial Customer Service Professional, (Former Employee) says

"Despite applicant qualifications, Empower seems to only hire into call center jobs, using multiple titles for the same exact position. After training, expect to work an afternoon shift for the next year. When an earlier shift does open up, good luck getting it! Also, you can't apply for any other jobs within the company until you've worked in the call center for a MINIMUM of 18 months. And, when you do apply for something else, don't expect call center management to be happy, they will NOT, so watch your back. In my experience, they are dishonest and deceitful, so don't tell them that you are even interested in applying for another job outside the call center until you absolutely have to, and if you are unhappy with anything, keep it to yourself until you are either moving up or moving on.Get paid to study for FINRA series testsShift work, short breaks, management"

Retirement Rep (Current Employee) says

"Read the Yelp reviews on this place, it’s all true. The technology is so outdated, the management treat their employees like numbers. They only care about meeting the quotas every quarter. We actually had mandatory overtime required on several occasions bc they could not keep their employees long enough to staff their phone lines. The only good thing is the benefits package."

Retirement Education Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Since the change in systems, no one seems to know how to do their jobs and everyone is frustrated. However, the benefits are good with a 401k match dollar for dollar on the first 4% and the health insurance is not outrageous as long as you have your physical exam."

Processor (Current Employee) says

"No one is treated the same. Rules don’t apply to some. Backstabbing team members. Horrendous management . Lazy employees are moved around from department to department. Parking garage is a cluster. Feel like you’re trapped all dayPay is fair. Work from home.Inept managers"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Pros-There are some genuinely good people here-Benefits-Work from home capabilityCons- Management leads with intimidation -Execitives don't put money into the needed upgrades to technology-Same system issues over and over again-Employees are massively underpaid for the workload-No work/life balance-Favoritism -The company doesn't value it's employees-Staffing isn't adequate for the workload"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"The technology is getting better and the vision is a good one but the execution could be improved. The company is playing catch up with bigger more established competitors. They tout diversity, yet the majority of senior leadership is white men. They are very good at stating the obvious- such as removing jargon is good for retirement plan participants according to their research. This is not news and wasted resources to do this research. Lots of micro management and resistance to change.Good peopleLeadership, Micro Managed, slow moving"

Senior Communications Strategist (Former Employee) says

"I was told to take the blame for a senior manager's mistake in order to protect them. I refused to sign a document saying it was my fault, and was fired shortly thereafter for a series of made-up violations that never occurred. In fact, I'd had an "outstanding" rating on my mid-year review only two months prior. Management was more concerned with their own futures and internal politics than they were with helping clients."

Implementation Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Empower is an organization with huge potential, they have great products for the customers. The organization has sound investments and is a leader in retirement plans. The employee/employer environment is a very different picture. I was so disappointed, as the organization came highly recommended. I found the department and team I was in to be one of the most difficult work environments that I have experienced. I truly hope they can improve management practices, team structure, work life balance and training. I would not recommend this employer for a candidate, they need to make some changes.work locationsalary, benefits(no retirement)"

Retirement Plan Advisor (Current Employee) says

"As with most companies things change, and this is what has happened at Empower. I have been employed for over a decade now and earlier would have said something entirely different then what I am saying now. Priorities have changed, typically this is not a bad thing, However there is such an emphasis on the bottom line now as opposed to doing right by the customer. Employees are not treated with the same value they once were. Workplace development is rare and advancement from within for non-management positions unusual. Managers can be abusive so long as they hit their goals they really don’t know how to coach or mentor. It’s a shame as I have watched to many quality knowledgeable employees have to go somewhere else to move up and receive more equitable pay.Work flexibility, industry leaderEmployees undervalued, management, pay, lack of advancement opportunities."

Registered Retirement Representative (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the training and passed the series 6 and 63 test. I thought I would be ready to hit the phones running once I got to the floor. I was in for a shock at how unprepared I was for the type of calls and my lack of knowledge. There was lack of support while on live calls. I would have to put the customer on hold multiple times while searching for answers. Customers would get upset and yell. It was a very stressful job and management didn't seem to care if customers had to wait. Yet, I started receiving reports rating my calls on quality and quantity. Most of the training was spent on studying for the series 63 and 6 license, which you don't really need and would be better spent on training for real time calls. I believe they license their employees as a selling point when trying to bring on new accounts. The way they do PTO is not fair and sets up employees to have to lose time each year. You are required to take all your time before year end with no carry over. So if you use all your time and you get sick toward the end of year, you either have to come to work sick or risk getting fired. If you save time and don't get sick you can't just take it because the schedule is full, so you just lose those days. Not really fair. I think it could be a good workplace if they changed the training and made sure the employee was ready for the floor and changed management or listened to employee suggestions and changed the PTO policy. But as it is now, I would never recommend Empower Retirement.CampusTraining, Management, Pto"

Implementation Consultant (Current Employee) says

"the company talks about work life balance but rarely helps achieve that balance. they do compensate well but based on the hours worked the compensation ends up being a lot less than expected."

Retirement Education Counselor (Former Employee) says

"fired with no warning. management doesn't care about field employees, more concerned with saying nice things to people and then what upper management thinks about them; doesn't care about solving procedural issues or getting out in the field. no training. bonuses less than 1/3 of what they were the previous years. clunky and inconsistent interaction between departments and teams."

Frustrated client says

"Once they get your money is nigh impossible to get it back, they will spare no effort to keep it. Will ignore your calls, but there\'s no way to transfer it without calling them. They will try to bury you in paperwork. I\'ve been trying to do it for a year and I\'m still at square 1. If your employer uses them you\'re far better off at ignoring your 401k completely than using them."